EVGA, an industry stalwart since 1999, embodies innovation and quality in computer hardware. Renowned for their graphics cards like the GeForce RTX series and GTX line, they redefine gaming standards with cutting-edge technology like ray tracing. Their motherboards cater to diverse needs—speed for gamers, overclocking for enthusiasts, and stability for professionals. EVGA’s power supplies ensure reliability for high-performance setups. Beyond their stellar products, EVGA’s commitment to customer service, technical support, and community engagement elevates them from hardware provider to trusted partner, emphasizing an unwavering dedication to enhancing users’ tech experiences.


HP Storage Solutions epitomizes reliability and scalability in the tech sphere. Renowned for their robustness, HP offers a diverse range of storage solutions catering to various needs—from enterprise-grade storage arrays to compact, high-performance SSDs. Their portfolio includes cutting-edge technologies like hybrid cloud storage, software-defined storage, and data management tools. With a focus on efficiency and seamless scalability, HP Storage ensures data integrity, accessibility, and agility for businesses of all sizes, empowering them to manage, protect, and harness data effectively in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Acer storage solutions encapsulate versatility and efficiency in a compact package. Known for their innovation, Acer offers a range of storage options, including portable external drives, NAS (Network Attached Storage), and cloud-based solutions. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces and robust performance, Acer’s storage solutions cater to personal and small business needs. They prioritize seamless integration, providing reliable backup and data accessibility. Acer’s storage products combine simplicity with reliability, offering users convenient options to store, manage, and access their data securely in an ever-connected world.


Predator, a gaming-centric division of Acer, extends its prowess to storage solutions tailored for gaming enthusiasts. Intertwining speed and capacity, Predator’s storage options encompass high-performance SSDs and HDDs designed for gamers seeking rapid data access and ample space for expansive gaming libraries. With a focus on reducing load times and enhancing gaming experiences, Predator storage devices harness cutting-edge technology, offering reliability and agility essential for demanding gaming environments. These solutions align seamlessly with Predator’s commitment to delivering top-tier gaming hardware, ensuring gamers access storage solutions that complement their need for speed and performance.


SKE UPS, renowned for its dependable Uninterruptible Power Supply systems, embodies reliability in safeguarding critical devices from power fluctuations. Specializing in innovative power protection solutions, SKE UPS offers a diverse range of UPS models catering to various capacities and environments, ensuring seamless power backup for home and business applications. Their UPS systems prioritize efficient power management, surge protection, and reliable battery backup, assuring uninterrupted operation during power outages. SKE UPS’s commitment to technological advancements and robust product design positions them as a trusted ally in maintaining continuous power supply, safeguarding devices, and mitigating data loss risks across diverse settings.


Foneng stands as a reputable supplier specializing in mobile components, catering to the intricate needs of device repair and refurbishment. With a comprehensive inventory encompassing screens, batteries, flex cables, and more, Foneng ensures a diverse range of high-quality components compatible with various mobile devices. Their commitment to precision and reliability resonates through each component, addressing the demands of repair professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Foneng’s dedication to sourcing top-tier components at competitive prices establishes them as a trusted resource, supporting the seamless restoration and enhancement of mobile devices, fostering a vibrant ecosystem for mobile repair and refurbishment endeavors.

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BTek emerges as a prominent supplier offering a dual approach to power solutions—online and offline—specializing in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and Lead Acid Batteries. Catering to both digital and physical storefronts, BTek ensures accessibility to reliable power backup solutions for diverse settings. Their UPS systems guarantee uninterrupted operations during power outages, while their Lead Acid Batteries stand as dependable energy storage options. With a commitment to quality and durability, BTek’s dual sales approach facilitates seamless access to essential power solutions, ensuring businesses and consumers have robust backup systems readily available both online and offline.


Webroot stands as a cybersecurity trailblazer, recognized for its cutting-edge solutions safeguarding users across devices and networks. Renowned for cloud-based threat intelligence, Webroot offers next-gen antivirus, endpoint protection, and internet security solutions. Its AI-driven approach ensures real-time threat detection and mitigation, shielding users from evolving cyber risks. With a lightweight footprint and swift scanning, Webroot prioritizes user convenience without compromising robust protection. The company’s commitment to innovation and adaptive security measures has solidified its reputation as a trusted ally in the ongoing battle against malware, securing businesses and individuals worldwide